When you have been arrested for a drug charge then you need to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can provide the best legal defense for you.

What will happen to me if I plead guilty to a drug case?

- If you pay a fine or take time served, that is just the same as going to jail or prison it is a final conviction that will always be on your record.

- After completing Deferred Adjudication probation, your record can be sealed by filing a Petition for Non-Disclosure.

- A PCS/POM deferred adjudication or conviction cannot be expunged from your record.

- Your driver's license can be suspended if you are sentenced to time served, pay a fine, or go to jail or prison.

- In Harris County, there is a pretrial diversion program which is available only if you pass the very restrictive screening process, then after a year of probation your case is dismissed and you have no conviction for PCS/POM, and your driver's license will not be suspended because there was no conviction.

- You will be ineligible to receive Student Loans or Grants if convicted of PCS/POM​

Controlled Substance by Penalty Group (PG)