No Refusal Weekends and Holidays

In Texas, the Holiday Weekend has been renamed the No Refusal Weekend. In a nutshell, this is a cooperative effort between Judges, District Attorneys, and the Police, and usually observed and sometimes funded by MADD, to convict you of a DWI whether you deserve it or not. Usually your local police departments and sheriff departments will announce a no refusal weekend, but you can count on all of the following as being designated a no refusal weekend:

– Memorial Day weekend

– The 4th of July

– Labor Day weekend

– Halloween

– Thanksgiving weekend through Christmas and New Year’s Eve


If you have only one or two drinks at a holiday party in Houston, Texas, and you are stopped for an innocent traffic violation, then it is very likely that you will be arrested and your blood will be forcibly taken from you.


I know what you are asking yourself: “if am arrested for DWI in Texas during a No Refusal Weekend …to blow or not to blow??? …what do I do???” My opinion is that it is my easier to convince a jury that the Intoxilyzer is wrong, rather than trying to convince a jury that a blood test is wrong.


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